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The Internet Ministry of Prophet Stephen L. Bening

Judgement begins in God's house and He is coming suddenly to His temple, but who can stand at His appearing? He is coming to His people in a great wave of glory. Miracles are coming! His church desperately wants His glory, but is His church ready for the accountability that comes with His visitation? Just behind this wave of His glory looms an incoming wave of double judgements that will roll across this land in a very short time, possibly even only days or months away.

God has talked at length in His word about prostitution and harlotry in the spiritual sense. Far too often and in a graphic sense, this is what we see as we look at the people who are called by His name: His House is nothing more than a body turned into a business!

Americans have exported this “business church” concept to the World, but God has always called it harlotry. This “thing” carefully looks out for her bottom line and every activity allowed within these harlot church businesses is examined for the effect on profitability: only feel good messages and pleasant prophecy is allowed. Many times, it operates as a "family business", promoting only through nepotism. But is this thing doing the whole will of God? Jesus is more angry at this thing that bears His name than you can possibly imagine. He has used it thus far to accomplish His purposes, but He will now arise to bring judgement to His house. "For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still." (Isaiah 9:17) The Elijahs of today must now learn how to pray to bring the power of heaven down in the sight of men, turning their hearts back to God, lest He come and smite the Earth with a curse.

Great fear will soon come upon the church as one by one, the peddlers and offering stealers drop suddenly dead in their tracks. Then, in a repeat of Acts 5, great miracles will be done at the hands of the apostles. This has already begun And so, we cannot reach the national repentance we all desire without the onset of the defibrillating effect of the double judgements applied by Jesus as a double shock to a church which lies dead on the gurney in God's emergency room. God has sent forth two prophets to call in the judgements, using the staff of God to do it. This ministry is controversial. The Staff

The “newcomer’s tour” below is designed to bring you up to date with these near term plans of our Lord Jesus, so that His actions do not catch you unawares.

Read this before you take the tour as I update it frequently for new prophetic revelation:

The Lord And The Pyramid Vision

Or, visit the NEWCOMER'S TOUR page at

"nothing crushes the human spirit like the sudden evaporation of a false hope"

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" Matt 4:4

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As of August 1, 2014

Matthew Stephen and Stephen L. Bening do a video program called "Revelation Radio" on Saturday night at 9pm Eastern Time. You can access it above on the menu-bar or by clicking here at the link for Video The purposes of this program are:
1) To bring forth any new revelation the Lord gives to the prophets
2) To bring forth any previous prophetic revelation that the Lord quickens by His Spirit
3) The focus of this program will primarily be the judgements that are coming in the future. This is our longest program and we can therefore take the time to develop whatever thoughts are arising by the quickening of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew Stephen and Stephen L. Bening do a pair of audio programs called "Midnight Ride" on Thursday night at 11pm Eastern Time. You can access it above on the menu-bar by moving your mouse cursor over the link for "AUDIO". You will see the Links in the pop-up window for "Midnight Ride 1" and "Midnight Ride 2". The purposes of this program are:
1) To bring forth any revelation regarding current events
2) To sound the alarm for those things that need immediate attention and action
3) The focus of this program will primarily be the judgements that are soon coming in the future and the emergency actions that the believer may need to quickly implement. These our are shortest programs and the messages will be designed for quick impact and effect.

Mary and Stephen Bening do a program called "TRIBULATION VOICE RADIO" on a weekly basis, usually recorded on Tuesday. You can access it above on the menu-bar by moving your mouse cursor over the link for "AUDIO". Click on that link to bring up the audio archive page. Alternately, you can reach the audio archive page at this link: Audio ArchiveThe purposes of this program are:
1) To bring forth spiritual balance and the need for individual revival in our lives unto the discovery and discussion of strategies for obtaining spiritual victories in our lives
2) To provoke the individual believer to the need for wakefulness, alertness, diligent seeking, fasting and prayer
3) The focus of this program will primarily be to prepare the serious disciple but also to reach out to the novice and the unsaved, so that we may be effective and productive servants now and in future times. I will deal with the need for repentance, ways to promote healing and deliverance and the need for people today to obtain vision in a world and in a church where people often feel lost in the crowd and spiritually adrift.
Check the audio program tab in the navigation bar at the top of this page to access the program.

May, 2013

Liberty Lake, WA-May 9, 2013

Moses Lake, WA-May 10, 2013

La Centre, WA-May 13, 2013

Portland, OR-May 14, 2013

Read more about it at: Red Stick Tour Page

June, 2013

Liberty Lake, WA-June 20, 2013

Moses Lake, WA-June 21, 2013

Gresham, OR-June 25, 2013

Portland, OR FGBMA- June 25, 2013

Camas, WA-June 26, 2013

Portland, OR-Melvia's Gang-June 27, 2013

Portland, OR-Bethel Church-June 28, 2013

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January, 2014

Matthew Stephen and Stephen Bening concluded the Duck Tour at the Mississippi River at Vicksburg, Mississippi at the leading of the Lord on January 6, 2014, where we called in the tsunamis from the South, the three great New Madrid earthquakes from the North and we called for the great, 500 mile inland ocean to open up in the middle of the country where we presently see a one mile wide Mississippi River. Watch this Youtube video as Matthew's wife Colleen provides the narration:

Mississippi River Great Earthquake Imprecation At Vicksburg, MS

April, 2013

Matthew Stephen and Stephen Bening conducted a 13 hour filibuster of DC on April 18, 2013, from 8 AM to 9 PM at the Washington Court Hotel, two blocks from the Nation's Capitol, in Washington DC. We have recorded the filibuster in eight separate audio sessions which, if you listen to them, will provide you with a very full introduction to all that we have prophesied to date.

SESSION 1-8:00 am TO 9:30 am Introduction-The need for dramatic action in America...a nation and church asleep Why does God sent prophets...The job of a prophet...our prophetic ministry experience Prophets in the last days...types of the two witnesses of Revelation...The Biblical examples of God’s dealings with nations...Repentance now required, or else

SESSION 2-9:40 am TO 11:10 am History of prophecy in America-Warnings from inception-George Washington...Joe Brandt...AA Allen...Jonathan Edwards...George Whitfield...Prophets of the last generation...Graham, Gruver, Duduman, Wimber, Ravenhill, Robertson, Wilkerson...Howard Carter...Prophets of our generation...God's patience and delays...prayers for delay of judgement...IHOP...Gathering of Eagles...Pilgrims discerned God's controversy with America 400 years ago...Trial verdict guilty...evidence being presented...Revelation interpretation schemes of confusion...no rapture before trouble...Refuge areas in the USA...Tecumseh New Madrid earthquake prophecy

SESSION 3-11:20 am TO 12:50 pm Prophecies of Matthew Stephen & Stephen Bening-Fulfilled over 30 years with a proven track record of prophesied events...Bening's Godly heritage...Lincoln and Civil War...Riots coming...Today's prophetic peddlers...Abortion consequences...Uncertainty with respect to timing due to intercession of the church...God's recent word-not hearkening further to a beggarly church...God's recent actions-Obama elected, gun control, 2008 event...Benghazzi, Same sex marriage and abortion...Joe Brandt California Earthquake vision...Unholy prayers against God's will...prayers for delays...Capitol visitor center opening...Demons in the Old Supreme Court building under the Capitol

SESSION 4-1:00 pm TO 2:30 pm God's case for bringing trouble to America right now...The 2001 template-America only turns back to God when stricken...The seven fold multiplication of sins when a nation rejects God’s covenants and commands... Sins of America that have provoked God to action...Sins of the church that have provoked God to action, The single pastor apostasy, tithing and first-fruits laws...The trial finding-Guilty!

SESSION 5-2:40 pm TO 4:10 pm America-prophesied events in the short term...Economic crash, Bank closings, Riots, Assassinations, Terror...Insanity judgement...Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes...Seven times worse than 911...Provincetown and four great beasts...Quenched prophetic message

SESSION 6-4:20 pm TO 5:50 pm America-prophesied events of uncertain timing...National Electrical outage...Seven fold multiplication of judgements...Leviticus 26...God's tremendous promises under an inferior covenant...Sword of Omar prophecy of terror unleashed...Food and Water to be scarce...Compression of the judgements in the 7 year American tribulation...Red Sticks prophecy explanation...The 417 land...Zero hour acceleration of judgements...Double judgements coming in behind the glory wave

SESSION 7-6:00 pm TO 7:30 pm America-prophesied events if no repentance ensues...Lake Erie Volcano, Great Midland Sea, 13 Richter Earthquake off Seattle...Six waves of trouble in Seven years...Five waves remaining...Leviticus 26 seven fold multiplication...compressed because of four years delay...Little time lag between the coming chastisements...Four chastisements (Lev 26) compressed into one...The double judgements-second chastisement-a defibrillator effect...The highways will be desolate...National travel to cease in the third chastisement...No opportunity to repent until 20 million lay dead...Three asteroid and tsunami prophecy...Three tsunamis to affect Florida

SESSION 8-7:40 pm TO 9:00 pm Prayers and Imprecations-lifting up the staff of the Lord...Conclusion

CBN News sent their correspondent Paul Strand to interview us during the morning of the filibuster of Washington DC. The attached link herein presented is a copy of that twelve minute interview as it was captured by a member of our staff.

CBN Interview Of God's Filibuster Of DC

Read more about it at: Red Stick Tour Page

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