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June 11, 2015

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Updated June 11, 2015
Financial Reversal Word received September 29, 1991
European Vision of Economic Collapse received November 21, 1991
Previously updated May 28, 2008

I suddenly entered the realm of personal financial calamity when I was fired without any advance warning from my position as a Chief Financial Officer of a significant real estate and development firm on September 26, 1991. I went out to a local park called Tupeekeegnee Yugnee to pray for about an hour as I was quite taken aback at how suddenly all of this had come upon me. I was double tithing at the time to my local church and my theology made no room for what I was experiencing so I knew that God had some significant disagreements with what I had been taught and had believed up until that time.

The Lord spoke to me a few days later on the 29th and said that I was enduring a loss and that everyone I knew was tithing and being blessed but it was not to be that way for me but that my life and what I was going through was all a prophecy and a reverse barometer for now, the people of God tithe and offer and are blessed but later, in the same way, in the day of my financial reversal, when I am greatly prospered and blessed, the church and the people of God will enter into sudden, unexpected financial calamity.

Next, about two months passed as I was trying to sort out my future direction, to gain understanding of what was happening to me and to determine what I ought to do. I had just finished seven days of fasting on water and I had a dream vision just before waking. I wrote these words at 6:48 A.M. on November 21, 1991. This was the first prophetic vision I had after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The original writeup had been lost to me until I found it on May 27, 2008 while going through some old papers. Here it is:

I was just awakened after a dream. I felt led of the Spirit to recall and write down as many particulars of the dream as possible before they slip from memory.

On November 13, 1991, I was led of the Spirit to begin fasting and praying after sundown. I was also led by the Spirit to go to Bob Koenig's apartment (friend/co-worker in the ministry). He confirmed the fast without my saying a word within fifteen minutes of my arrival. I was not told how long the fast would last. Bob thought it might even go for forty days, but I had no clue. I just obeyed.

The burden of the fast was light for the first five days. The sixth and seventh were much different. The seventh day, Wednesday, was excruciating. I was under severe demonic attack. I could do no work in the afternoon. I prayed continually both days. At about 4 P.M., I felt that the Lord was directing that I end the fast. I sought prayer to confirm this. I prayed with Linda Brandon at Cornerstone Bookstore (another friend). I also counseled with Joe Cella (pastor) at 5 p.m. The peace of God was upon me and I broke the fast at sundown.

I attended a funeral viewing for a Christian Lady at 7 P.M. The occasion was very anointed and I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I came home and retired about 12 midnight.

I believe that the dream commenced just before I was awakened in the morning. In the dream, I was led up in the spirit (flying high above the sphere of Earth) and I was viewing the world. (I could see the whole globe) It seemed that I was viewing primarily Europe, as I recognized the Eiffel tower, from a great distance. I knew that I was in the presence of angels and it seemed that Jesus was present, but I could see nothing but the world. I was watching everything occur as economies worsened and did not recover. (There was general chaos apparent as I was allowed to zoom in and out). I was watching everything occur as economies worsened and did not recover.

Then Jesus spoke to me and said: "I am about to shake the Earth." "In sixty days, I will shake the Earth and send great floods and great earthquakes upon it." "This is the beginning of judgement."

It was quickly over and I arose to write down what had transpired at the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Prior to May 27, 2008, all I had on my website was a brief synopsis of this European Vision of economic calamity, but I found the exact wording yesterday, and it includes this long forgotten word about "sixty days". As I read it last night, it was very mysterious. I arose and was immediately thinking about this wording and what it could mean. It came into my spirit this morning that on November 21, 1991, I was in the valley of vision. The sixty day countdown was not related to that particular date in 1991, but it would be triggered later, when the vision of economic chaos would be fulfilled. In short, I was in another time: In the time when this vision of economic chaos is fulfilled, particularly in Europe, it will be followed within sixty days by great floods and great earthquakes. Fulfillments Expected To Commence in The Fall Of 2008-Seventeenth Anniversary

The Lord also spoke to me on May 28, 2008 that I was to expect the commencement of the fulfillment of everything the Lord has shown me or spoken about to me in the fall and winter of 2008 as the seventeenth anniversaries began to come around for everything the Lord has shown me. Economic collapse was therefore indicated in the fall of 2008 with worldwide rioting set to follow. This was, of course, only partially fulfilled in 2008 with another wave of fulfillment due to arrive at some later date. I believe we are nearing the time of a tremendous worsening of all four: economic chaos, riot, great floods and great earthquakes.

Now, as I update this page on the afternoon of June 11, 2015, the Lord has once again spoken to me about this vision. I noted in the news this afternoon that there are threats internationally of defaults by Greece and by the Ukraine on their foreign debt. I posted these two alerts to Watchmen Prophets Assembly at 5:45 pm and I complained to my wife, and to the Lord, that the Lord has not spoken anything to me this week: it has been eerily quiet in the Spirit. I then proceeded to take a short nap, and as I awoke one hour later, I was immediately in the European Vision field once again and the Lord spoke: SIXTY LITERAL DAYS. It will be sixty literal days after we see the complete, worldwide meltdown of national economies accompanied by rioting and anarchy and then, the Lord will shake the Earth with great earthquakes and great floods. SIXTY LITERAL DAYS!

Stephen L. Bening

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