We concluded the Duck Tour at the Mississippi River at Vicksburg, Mississippi at the leading of the Lord on January 6, 2014, where we called in the tsunamis from the South, the three great New Madrid earthquakes from the North and we called for the great, 500 mile inland ocean to open up in the middle of the country where we presently see a one mile wide Mississippi River.

Mississippi River Great Earthquake Imprecation At Vicksburg, MS

We conducted a 13 hour filibuster of DC on April 18, 2013, from 8 AM to 9 PM. We have recorded the filibuster in eight separate audio sessions.

CBN News sent their correspondent Paul Strand to interview us during the morning of the filibuster of Washington DC. The attached link herein presented is a copy of that twelve minute interview as it was captured by a member of our staff.

CBN Interview Of God's Filibuster Of DC

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