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04/28/2017, Iyar(2nd mo) 2, 5777
Decapitated Church, Decapitated People by Mary Bening 04/18/2017
There are people who cruise around the internet and social media writing all types of blather, attacking ministers of the truth. Well, the truth is, you stink! You smell just like a rotting, decapitated dead body. Read it, and if the shoe fits, repent. Read The Rest Here

Decapitation 04/05/2017
Senior Pastors cut off the head of the body of Jesus Christ when they appoint themselves or when they accept appointment to the position of Senior Pastor. They deceive themselves when they believe that they become the head of the body of Christ. They absolutely do not! They cut off the head: Jesus. They leave the body in a headless condition: an unspeakable horror and they are completely oblivious to the violence they have done to the word of God and to the body. Read The Rest Here

Following Jesus Closely, Ready For Sudden Pressure by Mary Bening 04/04/2017
Here are a few admonitions and encouragements to keep you ready for anything. Sometimes, we can think that we have all the time in the world to correct some problem that Jesus puts His finger on, but then suddenly, we find ourselves in the press. Peter was suddenly thrust into a challenge of faith and his faith failed. Read The Rest Here

Soft Words Juxtaposed With The Words Of John Baptist 04/02/2017
Many in the church have longed to hear from a tender voiced prophet, sent from God. They feel that certainly, the church would listen. Instead, God has sent me to them: a wrecking ball to the church, yet they look right past me, continuing in the hope that the church can be salvaged. Be aware that the John Baptist ministry is a short duration ministry. The axe is already at the root of the tree. Read The Rest Here

WHETHER they will HEAR, or WHETHER they will FORBEAR by Mary Bening 03/28/2017
The Bible shows us that God does not mince words when His people are in disobedience. He does not speak soft and kind words through real prophets. Today, the Church has turned into a dead flesh eating monster. What will you do about it? Will you tarry there in the midst of all that defilement and stench? Read The Rest Here

Moving The Graves And The Bones 03/25/2017
I discuss a dream I had four days prior where I was moving graves outside the Eastern wall/Golden Gate of Jerusalem. The interpretation revealed by God suggests that we now find ourselves in the midst of an intense effort to remove every dead thing out of our lives to prepare the way so that the King of Glory can come in. Satan thought that if he turned every church into a crypt of dead men's bones, he could prevent the King of Glory from coming in. Yet, God has a remnant! Read The Rest Here

Signs Of The International Prophetic Explosion-5 Visions I Received In Africa 03/05/2017
Every sign, word, dream and vision is saying that we are now in the new day of the third day of miracles from Jesus and that soon following will be the advent of the trumpet judgements of Revelation Chapter 8. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is at hand. Read The Rest Here

It's A New Day-Third Day Of Signs, Wonders and Miracles by Mary Bening 02/13/2017
I was fasting and praying this morning. I just finished at about 2:30 pm and I kept hearing, over and over again, "It's a New Day-third day of manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles." Read The Rest Here

Living Life Without Hearing The Voice Of Christ 01/27/2017
The Lord said to me that reliance upon the written word (The Logos) alone causes one to become spiritually weak. Over time, the words of others grow in comparative importance to the word of God in the minds of such people. This is the common place existence that most church people are living today. They do not hear the Lord's voice. Some have never heard Him speak. This was not the Lord's plan. Read The Rest Here

God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge-Part 2 01/18/2017
It is the message no one in the American Church wants to hear: you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. You will not escape what is coming upon the Earth because you are defiled: trapped in your Senior Pastor controlled Nicolaitan harlot churches. Read The Rest Here

The Fog Of 2017 01/10/2017
It will become increasingly difficult to keep contact with this Jesus as this year progresses. Make sure you are not following too far behind Him. Read The Rest Here

Following Jesus From A Distance by Mary Bening 01/09/2017
They were called virgins in Matthew 25, yet their lack of passion was birthed when they followed their Bridegroom afar off. We can also find ourselves in a situation like theirs, if we choose to follow Him from a distance. The further we go into the darkness, the harder it is to find our way back. Read The Rest Here

About Those Virgins 01/09/2017
I present some points about the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 25 that you may not have considered. Please take note that all ten virgins are within earshot of a prophetic watchman. They are apparently aware of a more than general knowledge of the prophetic signs of the times. So, how is it that these five foolish ones are outside: they are pure, they were even waiting upon His appearing, yet they are found lacking? Read The Rest Here

The Believer Must Function 01/08/2017
Discussing here what should be self evident: that we have been designed by a loving creator to accomplish His desire in the Earth. God created each of His believers to have a river of living water flowing through them. Now think about it: every river must have an outflow! You simply cannot have a continual supply of fresh water running into a place and it has nowhere to go. It must find a way out, or the water will stop flowing into it, the river will turn into a reservoir. The reservoir will turn into a dank swamp if no water ever goes over the dam. Read The Rest Here

What Is Watchmen Prophets Assembly? 01/07/2017
Watchmen Prophets Assembly is one place where your river can flow out to, for there must be an outflow. Where there is no outflow, there is no river, but a lake, sitting behind a dam. Water sitting long enough, without a flow, begins to grow dank. Unclean things grow there. We have better hopes and prayers for better things for each of you. Read The Rest Here

Soon, I Am Putting Out The Lamps 01/06/2017
The Lord said that He extinguishes the lamps of the imprudent and foolish virgins who are slack about their preparations by delaying His coming. That is exactly what all of us who have been waiting and watching for His appearing right now would all agree: He has been delaying His coming. But just exactly what is this coming that is referred to in Matthew 25? Read The Rest Here

Dream of the 2 Warnings, 2 Threats and 2 Window Splashes 10/06/2016
I had a dream from the Lord that seemed to presage a recent close approach of a hurricane. Read The Rest Here

Complete Solar Eclipses To Bisect Carbondale, IL (My Birthplace) in 2017 and 2024 09/28/2016
I have been prophesying about the numbers 17 and 24 since the early 1990's. Now, God is sending two complete solar eclipses in 2017 (August 21) and 2024 (April 8) that will bisect America at Carbondale, IL, forming an "X" (24th Aphabetic Letter) there, marking judgement. X is the symbol of the cross of Andrew. God has marked judgement with the name of Andrew once again (Prophecy fulfilled once with Hurricane Andrew). Carbondale, Illinois is my birthplace. Read The Rest Here

Hosanna (Hosheana) Rabbah 09/27/2016
We have entered a new season of the Lord: He is going to arise once more to shake terribly the Earth. He will yet vindicate us. He is preparing to pour His glory upon those who will cry out like little children: glory in the Highest! Read The Rest Here

A Haggai Season-The "37" Revelation 09/07/2016
This is a new season of the Lord: one where He requires us to restore His spiritual house by His own power, flowing from within. Read The Rest Here

Abdicating Elders-Remnant Dwelling Solitarily In The Wood 08/20/2016
I found a heretofore unnoticed and obscure prophecy in the Book of Micah that indicates that the remnant of God will be dwelling solitarily in the woods at the time when He greatly empowers them for exploits. The picture is quite clear: the remnant whom God will empower will have to endure separation from the society of the harlot church in order to qualify for the glory fire anointing that is to come that will allow them to do exploits as Moses performed during the time of the exodus. Read The Rest Here

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